General information

Visa categories

Short-term stay (up to 90 days)

Required documents


E-mail inquiry

Long-term stay / Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for short- and long-term stay

Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)

Processing time

The standard processing time is 5 working days (the processing time only starts when all documents are submitted and all requirements are met).

Please note that some visa applications require consultation with our headquarters in Tokyo and may take from several weeks to several months. Therefore, it is recommended that you make the application well before the scheduled date of depature.

Visa fee

  Single Entry Multiple Entries Transit (includes double entry visa)
Ordinary 25,00 Euro 50,00 Euro 6,00 Euro
Indian 7,00 Euro 7,00 Euro 1,00 Euro

Please pay the visa fee at the time of collection in cash!

Important information

A visa itself does not guarantee landing permission. Landing permission will be granted by the immigration officer, if all the requirements (such as holding a valid visa etc.) are met.

Dear travelers to Japan: It is recommended to take out an overseas travel insurance

  • An overseas travel insurance makes you feel secure, even in emergencies, and you can enjoy your trip.
  • Medical expenses can be very high in Japan. If the travel insurance you purchased offers sufficient coverage of treatment costs, you can receive treatment without concern.
  • It is recommended to have an overseas travel insurance with travel support for hospital referrals, medical interpretation, and cashless medical service. (We recommend that you check your insurance details before travelling. For example, perinatal medical care is not covered by travel insurance and can be expensive.)

Information for Japanese nationals

If you have questions related to consular matters (e.g. family register (marriage, birth, divorce notification etc.) and nationality), please contact us.